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Kiba Kumba Shadow Run


If you are being chased by a crazy penguin professor and his army of penguin goons, you better hide in the shadows. Or at least run in the shadows in this one button game for Android and iOS with Kiba and Kumba.

A mobile one button game with Kiba and Kumba

There is a certain allure and elegance to one button platforming games. First of all it is really easy to play, because you don't have to learn a difficult control scheme or special movements. Basically, if you have at least one hand with a thumb, you can start playing right away. The only crucial factor is your timing. Or better: quick reactions and reflexes.

Combined with a very unique art style this runner game is an exciting experience.

Kiba Kumba Shadow Run consists of four worlds that you will need to finish in one try. Otherwise you will be set back to the very start. What might sound a little harsh at first is a very motivating game design decision that will let you improve your skills, learn each level and ultimately make you run through each world like you have never done anything else.

The more you play the better you get to know each obstacle, each pit and each wall. You will collect stars more easily and know exactly when and where to jump. In fact, timing is of such crucial importance that once you have mastered the game several times you might as well try it with your eyes closed. Well, we didn't try that, but it should be possible. Please send us a video, if you manage to pull that off!

One button game landscape One button game landscape

How do I play this one button game?

The name "one button game" already explains itself, but we haven't talked about what you have to do in the game exactly. So here we go.

The only thing you have to do is jump. Kiba or Kumba, depending on which of the two adorable apes you choose, run on their own. Your job is to jump whenever an obstacle is in the way. This will either be a wall or a bottomless pit.

Since both wall and pits come in different sizes, you need to master the two different jumping techniques:

Single Jump
Just tap the screen once and Kiba or Kumba will do a regular jump. If you're playing on a PC this is done with a click on your mouse.

Double Jump
There are certain walls that are too high to jump over with a regular jump. Or pits you will not be able to traverse with a single jump. But if you tap the screen or click your mouse again while already in the air, you can do a double jump that will enable you to overcome these barriers. You need to get the timing right to achieve the maximum height and length of a double jump.

Why is this so important? Because you should not get stuck anywhere in the level. If you do, the left side of the screen will catch you and that means "Game Over".

If you jump against a wall there is a chance that you have just enough time to try it again, before the screen can reach you. You will be pushed back a little but can still finish the level. If you fall into one of the bottomless pits, there is no chance of saving. Just like in real life, somehow. We have never fallen into a manhole, so we can't really confirm how that feels.

But we have run into walls, mainly while playing Kiba and Kumba Shadow Run on our smartphones and not paying attention to our surroundings. And while it can be painful, we were always able to continue walking. Moral of the story? Don't play games while you're walking through the city. Lesson learned!

And now let's see how good you and your thumb play together in our one button game Kiba Kumba Shadow Run. Will you beat all of the levels in one sitting?

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