Tripeaks Solitaire for Android and iOS with Kiba & Kumba

Play this classic mobile Solitaire game for Android and iPhone

Kiba & Kumba Tri Towers Solitaire


Help Kiba and Kumba with your card game skills in this wonderful version of Tripeaks Solitaire. Remove all cards from the screen and earn maximum points for long runs.

Tripeaks Solitaire is also known as Tri Towers or Magic Towers Solitaire. But these are just different names for the same game. And although it is a very different approach to the classic solitaire game, they share the same goal: stack all cards on piles.

But unlike the original Solitaire the approach is a little easier. So how does Tripeaks Solitaire work?

The rules of Tripeaks Solitaire

Your goal is to clear all three towers of the cards. This is done by adding cards to the single visible deck card in the bottom row.

General Gameplay
You can stack a card to the visible deck card if it is one higher or one lower than the deck card. So for example, if the deck card is an 8, you can either stack a 7 or a 9 on top of it. Different to classic Solitaire you don't have to stick to an ascending or descending order. Colors don't matter either.

Additionally you have a wild card that you can see on the bottom right corner with the funny jester Kumba on its back. This card can be used when you don't have another eligible card at hand. It can be played anytime and on top of any card. And after you played the wild card you can place any other card on top of it.

Undo Button
Mistakes happen. Fortunately our Tripeaks Solitaire game has an Undo button. It lets you revoke the last card you played.

Tripeaks Solitaire landscape Tripeaks Solitaire landscape

Tipps and Tricks

As in most games there a few things to consider to get the maximum out of it. In the case of Tripeaks Solitaire our tipps are fairly simple, but effective:

Be quick
There is a time bonus slowly decreasing in the upper left corner. The faster you clear the deck, the higher your time bonus will be.

Long card runs give more scores
The more cards you can stack on each other without having to change the deck card, the more points you will receive. The wildcard can be of great help here.

Use the wildcard wisely
It's always better to take a few seconds to scan the whole deck and see if there really isn't another suitable card. Most of the time, there is one. Only if there is no other way or if it helps you sustaining a good run the wildcard should be played.
Experienced players say that the wildcard is best played towards the end of the round.

If a card game is not what you want right now and would like to challenge your platforming skills more than your brains, then this mobile platformer might just be the right choice for you.


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