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Kiba & Kumba Puzzle


This wonderful Puzzle Game for kids will let you puzzle your way through pictures of the funny characters of the Kiba and Kumba world, including their friends and enemies.

Kiba & Kumba Puzzle is a beautiful puzzle game with tons of lovely and funny pictures not only of our beloved apes Kiba and Kumba, but also from many different characters and other items that can be found in their world. 30 different puzzles await you and each of them wants to be solved as quickly as possible.

How quick can you solve a puzzle?

First and foremost this game is meant to be fun. You can puzzle as fast or slow as you want and enjoy all the different pictures. But if you want to challenge yourself or a friend, why don't you try to find out how quick you can solve each picture in this puzzle game?

For each single puzzle there is a timer that tells you exactly how quick you are. In the level overview you can see all result times for each puzzle. Why don't you compare your own times to those of a friend and see who is quicker?

A kids puzzle game with easy controls

The controls of this puzzle game are as easy as pie. If you are playing on a smartphone or tablet you simply have to tap on the tile you want to move and then tap on the tile that you want to replaced with the first one. It's basically the same if you're playing on a PC, only that it is done with a mouse click. The tile you replaced automatically moves to the place where the first tile was before.

Puzzle Game Puzzle Game If you get stuck in a level you can always tab or click on the hint button, which will show you the correct image for as long as you want. But be aware that every time you use the hint feature it will add 10 seconds to your time. So if your goal is to set a new time record you better try it without any help.

Puzzle games are fun brain teasers for everyone

Although Kiba & Kumba Puzzle is aimed at a younger audience puzzle games in general have a great effect on both younger and older minds. The challenge you to think outside the box and improve imagination. And above all they improve your power of deduction. Every puzzle demands that you not only imagine a not yet finished image, but also scan each single puzzle piece for its probability to fit in a certain place.

If you are in search of a bigger puzzle challenge, why don't you try Kiba and Kumba Jigsaw Puzzle?


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