Endless Jumper for Android and iOS

Fly to the clouds with Kiba & Kumba in this endless jumper game

Kiba Kumba Highjump


Jump and fly as high as you can with Kiba and Kumba in this fantastic endless jumper for Android and iOS. Collect rockets and lots of other cool stuff to reach the high score.

Help Kiba and Kumba across four different worlds to jump all the way up to the sky and even further in this endless jumper game. Hop from platform to platform, avoid the enemies and first and foremost avoid to fall down. This Kiba and Kumba endless jumper leads you from the Whimsical Woods and the Dusty Desert all the way to the Moody Mountains and even to the Frosty Floes, where the evil Slipp van Ice resides.

Reach the high score

In this endless jumper it's all about the high score. The higher you can get, the bigger your score will be. On the way up there are lots of things to collect and enemies to dodge. As usual the mean Professor Slipp van Ice has sent out his goons to stop Kiba and Kumba from reaching their goal. His penguin forces roam all parts of the island and will try everything to get in your way.

Easy Controls

Like in other platform jumper games all you have to do is to steer Kiba and Kumba left and right in order to hit the platforms. They will jump on their own, so all you have to do is lead them in the right direction. If you're playing on your smartphone or tablet you see a bar with an orange ball on the bottom of the screen. By moving the ball left and right you can guide Kiba and Kumba smoothly across the level.

On a PC you can simply use the left and right arrow keys. But no matter where you play it, the controls are easy to understand and work brilliantly.

Endless Jumper portrait Endless Jumper portrait

Jump and Collect

The most important thing to be successful and crack the high score in Kiba and Kumba Highjump is to have good reflexes. This is a fast game and you don't have much time to decide on which platform you would like to jump, if there is any choice at all. Additionally you have to watch out for evil penguins running around on certain platforms. You can jump on their heads to destroy them, which will not only give you points but also a nice boost upwards. However it is kind of risky, since you can only safely touch them by jumping on their heads. If you hit them from below or on the sides, it means instant game over.

On your way to the top there are a few things to collect:

Regular Banana
These will give you 250 points.

Star Banana
500 points for you.

Green Leaf
You can fly for a short amount of time. This means you don't have to hit any platforms, since you can't fall down as long as this power up is active. But be aware that the green leaf doesn't protect you from enemies. If you hit an enemy from any other direction than from above, the game is over.

Grants invulnerabilty for a few seconds. You can hit enemies anywhere you want.

Collect a rocket and get a powerful boost upwards. You will fly much faster and higher compared to the green leaf. And the good thing is, if you hit an enemy, you only lose the power up, but the game will continue. So the power rocket is basically two power-ups in one.

Can you help Kiba and Kumba reach new heights in this endless jumper?

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